Trained Labor and Birth Doula

Ashlei Limbaga

Aloha Ohana,


What a miraculous time in your life! You have chosen to look into having a doula support you, and I couldn’t be more excited that you’re interested in knowing more about me.


For starters, my name is Ashlei Limbaga and I was born in California, but was called back to my Hawaiian roots in 2008. I studied Elementary and Special Education at UH Manoa and taught for many years in the public and private school sectors. I had always felt that the classroom was too restricting for me and that there were other passions stirring within. Through my own journey as a mother, it awakened one of these passions – being a Doula.


The birth of my daughter in 2016 was the most riveting experience of my life. Not just because of the aches in my womb, or the ability to finally see this being that I had grown inside of me – something even greater. It was the first time that I truly listened to my body – it’s every need and desire. I moved how it needed to move and moaned when it needed to moan. I also advocated for my body. When my water broke with no contractions, I put my foot down against interventions and allowed my body and baby to take it’s own rhythm naturally.


As your Doula, that is exactly my purpose. To hold space for your birthing experience so that you feel safe and supported, as well as to advocate for you to access your body’s own rhythm, it’s needs and desires. Whether you’re a brand new mommy or are on your 5th baby, I’m here to support you in whatever way that looks for you. Even more exciting is that my presence allows your birth partner to ride the same emotions and experiences alongside of you. By holding space for you and your birth partner, you truly get the opportunity to have your very own Best Birth.


My hope is that you also experience a “birth” of your inner strength, wisdom, and courage - all of which you will carry through into motherhood. My unique gift of deep intuition combined with the most current evidence-based research provides a custom experience for each woman and each birth. Don’t know what your Best Birth looks like? I’m here for you. Know down to the second how it should play out? I’m here for you. Scared of all the stories you’ve been told about birth? I’m here for you. You will remember this moment for the rest of your life so let’s make it a great one!


I look forward to meeting you and your precious little keiki!


Mahalo nui loa,

Ashlei Limbaga


p.s.. And because I’m a believer of affirmations: You are safe. You are healthy. You are whole. All is well.

Serving the island of Oahu

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