BASIC Birth Class - COVID-19 Special Offer

What a challenging time to be expecting a baby in. Pregnancy and especially birth already bring so many unknowns, to have all the insecurities of this new virus on top of it will make most people's anxiety levels shoot up.

We have moved all our childbirth classes to an online, real time platform during this period. That means you will be able to participate in a live childbirth education class with other participants and childbirth educator, so you can ask questions and connect to others who are in this same unique situation. We are thankful for technology so we can help you prepare while keeping a safe social distance!

Our Basic Birth Class will give you an understanding of physiology and the normal progression of labor and birth, which often lowers  anxiety. You will learn about natural coping techniques and medicinal pain management options. We also cover common interventions, informed decision making and practical things such as positions for comfort and progression, when to go to the hospital and how to prepare for postpartum.

Classes are offered ONLINE in real time on Weekday Evenings from 6-8:30pm Please check our calendar or call for current schedule. As all hospital classes are being cancelled we are adding new classes every week.

This class includes:

  • 4 live online sessions, 2.5 hrs each.

  • 2 workbooks with great visuals and evidence based information

  • personal attention due to small group size and live connection

  • lasting friendships and connections with other families

Investment: $225​  .... COVID-19 SALE: $175