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Getting Healthy and tasty meals couldn't have been made easier! Why didn't anyone think of this before?! I cannot thank Crystal enough for designing this innovative approach to postpartum recovery. her pedigree and wisdom in nutrition and postpartum recovery is unmatched. I highly recommend every mama to treat themselves to feel good again!

Ihna, Honolulu

During your pregnancy, the food you eat fuels you and your baby.  After you give birth this is still true. A nutrient-dense diet helps your body recover and gives you the energy you need to care for your little one. It diet increases your rate of recovery, replenishes the nutrients you lost during pregnancy and childbirth and helps you feed your baby without depleting your own stores. The first 40 days postpartum we focus on providing protein rich healing foods and easily digestible whole grains and vegetables as well as dishes rich in healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids. 

Both our meal services are designed by Crystal Bossola, a nutritionist and postpartum doula who feels passionate about supporting families during the amazing, challenging and critical first 40 days after childbirth.


Weekly offerings include:

1 bone broth based soup (5 servings)

1 dinner menu item (5 servings)

1 snack (4 servings)

Loose tea for 1/2 gallon


Weekly Investment: $299*

-All meals are made with local and organic ingredients whenever possible

-Sign up for 4 weeks and receive 5% off

*fee subject to HI general excise tax, 4.721%



  • Postpartum Momma

  • Lactation Momma

  • Get Fit Momma

Each meal plan is specialized for the 3 stages of postpartum that all moms travel through. Each 5 day meal plan includes meals that can be made in batches on your prep day and eaten several times a week so you can spend more time with your family and includes a planning call, menu, recipes and shopping list.

Investment: $120*/ week

Packed Meal