Certified Labor and Birth Doula, Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, Certified Childbirth Educator

Courtney Caranguian

As a first-time mom, the uncertainty of life with a newborn was a little scary, so I hired a doula just for some extra support. I was so relieved to have Courtney by my side during the first few weeks. She provided a much-needed sense of calm during the chaos and sleep deprivation. It was really nice to have someone just say "go take a nap, I've got her." She was great about making sure my self-care remained a priority. Courtney was incredibly resourceful as my milk came in and I was dealing with the pain and panic of extreme engorgement and helped me get through that trying time. I found it so helpful to have a support system outside of my immediate family to provide current and up-to-date "mommy info." She was able to help me with my healing, belly binding, latching, soothing my baby, teaching me about pumping, and educating me on the benefits of babywearing. She was also extremely supportive of my parenting choices and served as a positive cheerleader while I was second-guessing everything. I highly recommend Best Birth Hawaii and Courtney and would absolutely hire her again!



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Aloha and congratulations! My name is Courtney and I am ready to be on your team and positively impact your labor and birth journey.

I grew up in Kailua where I still reside today. I am a mom to two keiki and a wife to a supportive husband. I am all about family, coffee, a good movie (because popcorn) and beach days from sunrise to sunset. I love hiking all the hikes, camping and surfing.


My personal birth experiences inspired and motivated me to work in this field. My first birth didn’t go as I wanted because I did not know I could or should have made preferences. I furthermore did not know that I could use my voice and advocate for myself. My second birth was a full 180; I had a doula and a more than satisfying labor and birth experience. This is how I knew I wanted to be a labor and birth doula.


In my time as a doula I have done other workshops and courses. I became an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor in November 2018 and a trained Childbirth Educator in February 2019. I’m working towards becoming a Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator.

As your labor and birth doula it is of utmost importance to me that you feel valued through this journey. With the skills and knowledge I have attained I hope to help elevate your voice, to radiate love in your birth space and to overall hold space for you emotionally and energetically. I believe in the birthing persons I support; I believe they have autonomy and the ability to navigate labor on their own terms. 

It would be an honor to support you. Thank you for considering me as your Labor and Birth Doula!”