Danielle Smith

Certified Labor and Birth Doula, 

Birth Photographer



My name is Danielle. I’m a mother of 4 and come from a huge Trinidadian family where I began my love for pregnancy, birth, and children. My grandmother had 9 children whom she birthed at home at her house was always filled with love and laughter. I was always so exited when our family was blessed a new life and even more when I began to have children of my own. 


Through my motherhood journey I realized how important having a village of support was and through my 3/4 traumatic birth experiences I was pulled to doula hood with a drive to help other mothers have an advocate and a support person to help them have the birth experiences our bodies were made to have. I was always at my friends and families sides for advice or even just an ear as they entered motherhood. 


I am also a photographer and found that even my love for photography leaned towards my path for helping mothers as I captured maternity, birth and milestone photos. Once I finally  took a leap to become a trained doula as my path began to ensure me that this was what I was meant to do. 


I am excited to continue my journey to be with mothers during this sacred time in their lives.