Master of Public Health, Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula, Holistic Health Educator, Infant Sleep Coach 


Aloha, my name is Jenna Clarke. I am an experienced birth & postpartum doula, holistic health educator, and infant sleep coach. I have been attending births on O'ahu and supporting families in their postpartum journey through various services (including in-home support, overnight newborn care, postpartum belly binding, and infant sleep coaching) since 2014.


Both of our daughters were born in a primary birthing center in Auckland, New Zealand. We planned for and experienced two natural child births under the care of our midwife.  Through these experiences and my background in health system management, I became more aware that the maternity system in America is lacking. When we moved back to Hawai’i, I transitioned out of my professional career and trained to become a doula. It is a privilege to empower and coach fellow parents on the adventure of bringing a child into the world. 


In 2018, I had the amazing experience of being a gestational carrier (aka surrogate) for a family in California. The baby was born in the presence of her family at Kaiser Moanalua. 


In a world of so much information, my clients find great comfort in having a coach to guide them through the birth and postpartum journey. In addition to doula and sleep coaching, I offer virtual classes and consultations on how to naturally prepare your body for conception, support your body during pregnancy & postpartum recovery, and use essential oils in labor, birth and beyond.  


One of my favorite services to offer parents is infant sleep coaching. #SleepIsEverything. A rested mom and baby can recover quicker from birth, and the household is happier. For some reason “sleepless nights” have become the norm among some parenting circles today. But, I’m here to tell you, there is another way. You CAN get your baby to sleep, and I can help. I have been coaching friends and clients for the past nine years on how to achieve the gift of infant sleep. It brings me so much joy because I know it’s life-changing.

As our doula, Jenna's gentle, flexible, and caring approach complemented her knowledge and experience. We appreciate her support and guidance and feel she enhanced our journey in the birth of our son.

John & Mary


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