Placenta Specialist

Kiersten Homalon

Postpartum for me was a journey into a dark place that I felt extremely alone and full of grief. I was confused how my beautiful, healthy pregnancies morphed into a season of life after birthing my sweet babies of feeling unhealthy and mentally unwell. Once I was able to finally move out of this season, I felt that God motivated me to equip myself to serve mothers and help be a presence there for them in these interesting transitions and transformations we as women go through. Women were created to support women. And so now that's my Kuliana (Deep sense of Responsibility).


Now I am passionate and highly qualified to help women nourish themselves with Diet, Placenta Supplements, Herbal Remedies, and Superfoods. I guide women in the rehabilitation of their core muscles starting with Beng Kung Belly Binding, and assist women with the initial learning curve of breastfeeding and caring for their infant naturally

Serving the island of Oahu

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