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Junior Doula and Postpartum Doula

Being an OB/GYN was a dream when I was in high school and I worked hard to be able to pursue it. After I found out I was pregnant at 19, those dreams got put on hold to focus on navigating the new life that was beginning.

At such a young age I did not know how to advocate for myself. In fact, I did not even know what I could/should be advocating for. The limited resources available to me, along with a very small support system, left me feeling scared, isolated, and unworthy of being a Mother.

During my second pregnancy I was in a state that did not honor women and made birthing even more difficult than it is naturally. I had an OB that refused to hear me, refused to acknowledge my experience and intuition, and it harmed my child.

It should not be trauma that colors your experience of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. These stages are powerful, they change our very being in profound ways, and you should be given respect and honor throughout them. My role as your doula is to, not just listen, but to hear your needs, wants, fears, and desires, and to empower you through it all.

Being given the knowledge, support, space, and care to labor and postpartum safely is your right. Being able to help you validate your experiences while creating personal, unique, and loving memories is my privilege.

Danyel Wadood


Trained Labor and Birth Doula, Trained Postpartum Doula

Danyel helped us with overnight postpartum doula support. She was prompt and communicative through text and phone. We decided to work with her after a stressful week. I was almost at a breaking point and we called her. She took the time to talk with us about what we were worried about and how she could help us. We felt very reassured and supported during and after our call.

When she arrived for the night shift, she answered our many new parent questions and was knowledgeable about newborn care. She helped me understand pump settings and showed me a position for breastfeeding I had not tried before. My husband asked about bottle feeding and received some advice to try at the next feeding. We let Danyel know about our preferences for our baby and she was very receptive and respectful of what we wanted. I felt comfortable telling her about my worries and stress and she was very encouraging and made me feel a lot better.

Danyel is a very caring doula and we enjoyed our experience with her. She has a warm and cheerful personality, and even though we just met, she made us feel very comfortable to leave our baby in her care. She also followed up with us after her visit about how our baby did in the night and provided us additional advice/resources through text.

The next time we need overnight care, we will definitely like to work with her again. - Ashley

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