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Novice Doula


My name is Emily.  I am a mom of two, and I have had the pleasure of living all over the United States thanks to school and the military.  With a background in engineering and a love of biology, I see the birth process as a beautiful display of incredible design.  I also see the deeply rooted need for emotional support and a feeling of safety during such a powerfully unique experience.  As a military wife, I have a particular passion to support couples who do not have nearby family as support.  My husband jokes that any group of moms will know each other's birth stories within ten minutes of meeting.  There is some truth to that!  Women share their birth stories- whether positive or negative- because each and every birth leaves a permanent imprint.  I became a doula because I am passionate about doing whatever I can to make that imprint one that is marked by feelings of empowerment, peace, and support for both mom and her partner.  I would be honored to walk alongside you in your birth journey!


Trained Labor and Birth Doula

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