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Junior Doula


My name is Gracie, and I am so excited about the birth journey you are about to embark on. Whether as an expectant new parent or as a tried veteran, it is thrilling and exciting and I would be honored to be a part of it. I was born and raised here on the Windward side with my two brothers, and then went off to the mainland to attend Wheaton College in Illinois. There I became a student athletic trainer and fell in love with working on the body; strengthening it, helping it heal, and seeing just how powerful and capable the human body is. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Health Science and went on to work at Queens hospital.

Slowly but surely my mind and heart, along with the right people, brought me into the birth world. During my time at Queens Hospital, I was able to spend some time on the Labor and Delivery floor, and it deeply impacted me. It is because of my time there and from hearing stories from deeply loved sisters that I want to be a doula. I want to bring back the beauty, strength, dignity of labor and birth. I want to

educate and empower women so they can have the birth of their choice-however that may look. I believe that how women interpret their birth, will affect every aspect of their lives. It will affect how they view themselves as women, as mothers and as partners; and so, mothers viewing themselves as strong and educated during their labor is so important. It is something I believe it is sorely lacking in

many births today. And so, it is my hope to restore that; one mother at time, one birth at a time.

I am currently a fully trained birth doula pursuing my certification and continuing my education in Postpartum work.


Trained labor and Birth Doula, Trained Postpartum Doula

In August 2022 we brought in Gracie to our pregnancy journey. With only 3 months until our baby was due, we were quite late to the doula process but during that time Gracie still provided so much help and information to us. From questions, to providing exercises/movements to help with laboring and daily aches and pains, to bringing over pastries just for fun, she was absolutely amazing. We decided early on that we wanted a unmedicated natural birth. Gracie was available when I got induced to answer our questions about the process so we knew what we did or didn’t want. She was always providing empowering words and was incredibly supportive. When it came time for my baby to be born, she switched spots with my husband so he could help bring our baby into this world and came to me to hold my hand and help me breathe. After birth she was still available for minor questions when it came to breastfeeding and post birth pain remedies. Now, almost 4 months PP, we will still send her the occasional picture. She constantly made me feel strong, calm, and has since increased my self confidence. We will forever be thankful for her being with us through our birth experience. " Madison B

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