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Junior Doula

Aloha! I am Manu. I have had the gift of living on Oahu for 5 years but grew up in South Florida in a Colombian family. My passion for birth and pregnancy began when I was 17 and got to witness my cousin’s labor - from home to hospital. I was so unexpectedly overwhelmed by the energy that day and quickly realized how special and magical this pocket of life is. Additionally, I grew up surrounded by very close, nurturing women, and came to realize the unfortunate reality that this is not the case for most women in our society. All of this inspired me to dedicate myself to the tribal nature of womanhood and the rite of passage that is birth. I feel extremely honored to be a part of this world and to accompany you through such a powerful journey. 

Originally, I went to college on a Pre-med track, graduating with a Bachelor’s in Biology and Certificate in Studies of Spirituality. As I got deeper into the medical world but still explored the alternative world, I learned about being a doula and how that role serves as a bridge between both. After becoming certified in teaching yoga, I began to pursue my doula certification, and here we are! 

My work hinges on the idea that mothers should have autonomy over their body and baby and that birth is an event happening for them rather than to them. As a doula, my biggest goal is that mothers know their options and make a decision that suits them best, because I believe their intuition is a superpower. No one’s powers are as powerful as a mother’s. Additionally, I try to really root my work in an understanding of birth through a sacred lens.

Congratulations and all my love to you on this journey! Can’t wait to meet you :)


Trained Labor and Birth Doula

Birth is such a vulnerable space and being a reserved person by nature, when I started my doula search I was a little hesitant to allow people into it. Due to an unexpected change in Doulas, I met Manu 11 days before my birth. We went over my fears, wishes, likes/dislikes, education, etc. After the 1st meeting we felt confident that she would be a perfect fit. When she entered into my birth space, it didn’t feel like a stranger was present. Her sweet and nurturing demeanor was evident from the moment she entered my room. For my own personal reasons, my goal was to experience my 1st unmediated birth after 4 epidural labors. With my goal in mind, Manu assisted me and involved my husband with position changes, releasing tension, massage/pressure points, ensuring I was staying hydrated, turning on music, using essential oils, etc. She encouraged and empowered me throughout the entire journey. Manu knew my particular silly fears I had with birth and she allowed me the space and vulnerability to let go of some of them. Reminding me that there was no shame in birth. And on the other hand she fiercely protected and advocated on behalf of my other fears with the staff. These two things were the most impactful to me.

There is no “one-size-fits all” doula. Each one is different, but if you need someone that communicates well before, during, and after birth, advocates for you, knowledgeable about birth, adds calmness to your birth space then Manu is the doula for you. With the help from God, my husband Deondre, and my Doula Manu, I experienced my first unmedicated birth. Doulas are an integral part of a woman’s team. So if you are on the fence about hiring one, whether you want an epidural, or want an unmedicated birth….. get the Doula! And I highly recommend Manu!

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