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Senior Doula

Aloha I’m Sydney.

I have a profound passion for being apart of the birth community and being able to work with so many amazing people with all kinds of backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. I have always felt drawn to birth and supporting people. I hold a deep respect for pregnancy the birthing process, and postpartum period. There are few things more powerful than being able to support families through this transformative time and being able to witness a life being brought into this world, I am honored to be able to assist.

I believe birth to be one of the most natural, empowering, and amazing things to occur. My role as your doula is to comfort, empower, advocate and educate. A woman knows her body better than anyone. I will encourage her to be in tune with herself and her body and support all her decisions.

Making a deep connection with every one of my clients is a top priority of mine! By doing so we create a bond of trust and support that is SO important to have. Each and every pregnancy, labor, birth, baby, mother, family, and situation is different. Not one is the same but every single one is incredibly special and unique.

I am accepting both birth and postpartum doula clients for 2023. I look forward to meeting you!



Certified Labor and Birth Doula, Certified Postpartum Doula

Sydney was amazing to have at my birth. I can’t explain how grateful I am to have had her there to help bring my baby safely in my arms. We met together a couple times before the day came and went over all expectations and got to know each other. I loved her from the moment we met! She was so in it and professional and I could tell she truly cared about me, my husband and my baby. She was there at any time I needed her even at 4am when I called her with a question. She was great to have before labor started and was even more amazing the day of my birth, she didn’t leave my side and knew exactly what to do to bring me comfort and help my labor progress. she did it all, from pictures, snacks, lots of counter pressure, she reminded me to switch positions every so often, massage and cool and hot rags. When baby made it she was there until we were completely good without her. I can’t say enough good things about Sydney. Something I really loved is even with everything she was doing she still left room for my husband to be apart of helping me through labor and was by his side the whole time as well. Everyone needs Sydney as their doula. We love you Syd! ! "

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