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Chandra Zundel

Senior Doula

Certified Birth Doula, Experienced Labor & Delivery Nurse

Hello! I am Chandra Zundel, and I feel there is nothing more magical then welcoming new life into the world! I had cancer as a child- and grew up knowing I wanted to serve in the medical field. I became a labor and delivery nurse, and LOVED it! I was trained at a hospital system that highly valued natural/unmedicated birth techniques. I went on to work at the high risk, 3rd busiest birthing center in our nation, and attended the birth of over 1500 babies. I loved what I did- but found it difficult to say goodbye at the end of my shift to patients who still needed my support. It was hard to be tied to the charting, hospital policies, and caring for multiple patients- when it was so clear each patient benefited from the uninterrupted focus of continuous, knowledgeable, caring support! I hung up my nursing shoes for a few years while supporting my Navy ER Doctor spouse, and caring for our three children, one of whom was born with a serious heart defect. Once all the kids were in school, I knew it was my time to return to the field that I loved. This time, however, I come as a doula! I’m thrilled to be able to support couples during pregnancy, throughout the entire delivery process, and into the joys on new parenthood. I bring with me all the years of labor & delivery, breastfeeding, patient education and advocacy experience, as well as personal experience with perinatal loss, infertility treatment, and adoption to help my clients achieve the best birth experience possible.

I think the best thing we did to prepare for the birth of our second child was hiring Chandra as our doula. Without her, I probably would not have had a VBAC! My favorite thing about Chandra (during labor and birth) was that she was very proactive. I honestly didn’t know what to ask for, but she was ready to step in and suggest various positions, pain management tools/techniques, and more. I’m grateful for Chandra’s calm demeanor and willingness to support me and my birth preferences."
Sarah K.

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