Crystal Bossola


B.S. Nutrition, Certified Postpartum Doula, Trained Lactation Support and Educator, Baby Sleep Consultant


My name is Crystal. I am a postpartum doula and nutritionist specializing in healing through food and diet. I have 9 years experience working with naturopathic physicians and with families and moms focusing on gut health, healing and feeding from fertility through to childhood.

I was introduced to homebirth and the doula community by my wonderful sister-in-law who is a birth advocate, birth doula, childbirth educator and studying midwife. She is my mentor and has assisted my growth in this profession with her experience and support. During my first pregnancy, I researched every possible statistic and intervention associated with prenatal and postnatal periods but had no idea of the challenges I faced immediately postpartum. After the birth and walking through all the feelings of uncertainty, second guessing, physiological changes and feeding challenges, I felt a calling to help other parents recover and feel supported through their birth into parenthood. I am eternally grateful to have had a doula on speed dial and believe all women not only deserve but require this support to ensure proper healing and attachment.

I also promote the importance of family sleep as it pertains to long term health (just, if not more important than nutrition). I offer sleep consultations for families who are looking to create and implement a plan that works best for them.

I value family above everything and you can find me surfing or out in nature with my husband and two beautiful daughters.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve, support and nourish mommas as they heal from the hard work of bringing life into this world.

Crystal provided a multitude of resources that gave me more confidence easing into motherhood. I appreciated her background and knowledge in nutrition. The bone broth soup she made me was delicious and so nourishing to my soul & body. Having her as a postpartum Doula was such a valuable experience that I’m grateful for. Chantal, Waialua