Erin Lutz

Senior Doula and Childbirth Educator

Certified Labor and Birth Doula, Trained Childbirth Educator

Aloha! My name is Erin Lutz and I love birth! I also love to help others feel educated, strong and empowered to make decisions and help themselves. Birth is life-changing and while I know the body was designed for birth sometimes it needs guidance or occasionally intervention. I desire to honor you, your partner, your hopes and dreams for your birth and be a positive and gentle support as you make an informed choice, use your voice and have the experience you desire. I truly believe in you and support any type of birth from home/family centered to hospital.

Recently we moved our family from Virginia Beach, VA, to Kailua. My husband retired from the Navy last summer and his new job relocated us to this beautiful island we affectionately call home. I am mom to four beautiful and energetic children and a teacher at heart. We have been homeschooling for 6 years. You can also find me baking sourdough, reading to my children, enjoying the great outdoors, enamored with the Ko’olau mountains, and thankful for friends and life here in Hawaii!

I had four very different births that each were an avenue to my dream and calling to be a birth doula. My first and second were induction hospital births. My husband and I had to fight for our birth plan to be honored. My third and fourth were birth centers and while they redeemed my feelings about the birth process I still missed having someone with knowledge, understanding and physical touch tending to me and my husband. My only regret is not having a doula!

There are so many emotions that come with birth and I want to be a calming presence, a resource, healing touch, and your greatest cheerleader! I look forward to meeting you and hearing your hopes and dreams for this birth. Blessings and Mahalo!

Erin has been our doula throughout my pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum with our first child. Her knowledge, insight and presence throughout the experience has been invaluable, especially having no family on island to lean on. We originally decided to hire a doula when we knew we would be switching hospitals close to our due date and wanted to be sure we had consistent support and an advocate for our natural birth plan. Erin's encouragement for both my husband and I throughout the progression of my labor allowed us to feel heard and have as close to the experience we wanted as possible even when our birth ended in an unplanned cesarean. Erin knew when to step in and offer hands on, verbal, and emotional help but more importantly when to stand by and allow us our space to experience the situation for ourselves as well as encourage my husband in his role through the labor process. She was there to offer unbiased education and research as well as personal experience and guidance as a mom with varied birth experiences, both in the weeks before birth, on labor day, and during the postpartum period. She communicated frequently with my care team to offer suggestions that were in my best interest throughout labor, provided active coaching and suggested position changes, assured us in our decisions, and even provided massage, music, and aromatherapy during labor. To have someone who has done it all and is able to offer advice from experience is more valuable than any book can offer. We are extremely grateful to her and would highly recommend doula support for anyone going through pregnancy and delivery!
-Kate, Mike, & Elliott