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Gabby Navarro

Novice Doula

Trained Labor and Birth Doula

Hello, my name is Gabrielle Navarro. I was born and raised in the SOBX where I met my husband. Military life has led us to call this beautiful island our new home. Growing up being a mom was something I always dreamed of and In 2021 that dream became a reality when I welcomed my daughter into this life! Birth to me was the most vigorous, magical, empowering and life changing event I have ever experienced. I never knew something so difficult could be so blissful at the same time. I did however face a few different unexpected challenges, looking back I wish I had the support of a doula to navigate through those challenges. I would have loved someone who was both nurturing and knowledgeable to support me physically, mentally and audibly. I didn’t have that so I decided to become just that!

As your Doula I want to support you in having the best birth possible, Whether you’re having a home or hospital birth, medicated or unmedicated, I will make sure you have the resources and support necessary to make informed decisions based on your desires and what is best for your birth!

I look forward to supporting parents on the most vigorous and empowering day of THEIR lives. I want to ensure you get the birth of YOUR dreams no matter the challenges you might face.

Thank you for taking the time to consider having me during such a special time in your lives. Congratulations on your new addition and many blessings to your family!!

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