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Janice Bowdler

Senior Doula

Certified Labor and Birth Doula


My name is Janice, and it truly is wonderful that you’re here, either on your way to starting your family or increasing the blessing by adding more! I am a mother of 3, and I am passionate about helping not only set you up well for birth, but to help equipe, empower and encourage you through the labour, birth and the new season of mothering.

I am originally from Canada, my husband is from California, but we spent 14 years being based in Australia, living and raising our family there. I have been a doula since 2016, and even though I did my doula training in the USA, my birth experience has been in many different cultures. This has helped equip me for many different birth places, preferences and scenarios, especially in hospital situations where I find that doula support is most needed.

Birth is the most wonderful, challenging and beautiful privilege. I hope that I can help you understand your body, its design, and ensure you are empowered to bring forth this life, no matter what that looks like. I hope to support you with your choices, walk through fears, and help you know that you’re the best mother for this little one.

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