Maggie Ruiz

Junior Doula

Trained Labor and Birth Doula

Aloha, expecting parents! My name is Maggie Ruiz. I grew up on the Big Island of Hawai’i and have been living on O’ahu since 2011. I have made multiple (failed) attempts at living on the mainland throughout the years, but my heart always brings me back to Hawai’i. This place truly is magic.
As passionate as I am about this place that I call home, I have an even greater passion for childbirth. What an unmatched, beautiful, mind-blowing, and world-changing experience! My fascination began as a child, watching “A Baby Story” on TLC with my mom. There was something about the birthing process that piqued my interest from a young age. My interest has grown leaps and bounds into a main focus of my adulthood. Hearing birth stories from my friends and relatives (and from strangers on YouTube) has put me on a path where I know that I want childbirth to be a big part of my life.
It is truly heartbreaking that many parents don’t find fulfillment in their births. There is a list that is too long of people who have had traumatic birthing experiences, and I feel powerfully drawn to do something to help fix that. Every birthing parent deserves the birth of their dreams, whichever way they feel most empowered.
By supporting and advocating for you, my ultimate goal as your doula would be to help guide you toward a positive birth experience. I would do that by listening to you, fully understanding your desires, and doing everything in my power to get you there. I would be with you every step of the way, ensuring that you and your partner never feel alone.

I am so excited for your journey as parents and I look forward to hearing from you!