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Margo Delgado

Junior Doula

Trained Birth Doula, Bachelors in Health and Exercise Science, Mom, Wife and Explorer

Aloha, my name is Margo Delgado and I have a passion to assist families in experiencing a joy-centered birth here in beautiful Hawaii. I recently completed doula training but my journey with birthing began years ago in college when my university adopted a Doula Program and paired me with an under-resourced expectant mom. That experience opened the door to the wonder of birth and the difference a doula can make! I went on to graduate in the field of Health and Exercise Science. Shortly after graduating I began my adventure as a military wife and 8 months later, expectant mom. As my family grew to include 3 beautiful daughters, my passion for families also grew. I became an elementary school teacher and then children’s ministry director. Now that my family at home is growing smaller, I am excited to help other families experience the joy of birthing.

I have lived in and traveled to many different places and through these experiences I have formed the thought that there is no “one way” to do family or birthing . Each birth is different just as each child and mother are. My goal as a trained Doula is to listen and support you and your partner and help you with the birth that feels right for your family. One of my goals is for you to enjoy, connect and relish this journey together and to feel confident and grace filled. I desire to be that calm, reassuring presence that reminds you that , “you were made to do this!”; to come along side you, helping you feel empowered and capable, whether it’s your first or fifth birth.

I am accepting clients with due dates in September 2023 or later.

Mahalo and many blessings

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart
-A.A. Milne

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