Pua Baker

Novice Doula

Trained Birth Doula

Aloha! My name is Pua Baker. I was born and raised on this beautiful island of O'ahu. I had my only child at 18, who is now 17 years old. Being pregnant and embarking this journey called motherhood at such a young age instantly brought fear, not knowing how I will cope. Without the support and guidance from my Aunty as my doula, I would not have had the birth that she assisted me in as "My" birth. I discovered so much about the broken birth system in America, even as a young adult, and am learning that mothers deserve more. Through the years, I am inspired to learn and help other mothers to navigate "Your" birth, so I decided to become a doula. The power of birth amazes me because it is a true reflection of our Creator. I hold a deep gratitude for the birthing process. I am honored to witness a life being brought into this world as it takes its first breath. I have the ability to work with families, planting a seed, lending physical and emotional support, presence, and reassurance. When I'm not working as a doula, I love being a homemaker, a doTERRA wellness advocate, and a Tahitian dance instructor (prenatal dance classes available). I love the ocean, but being in the mountains hiking or camping is my happy place. I am a follower of Jesus, and my ministry at home, in my community, and in the church is a top priority. I love listening to podcasts and reading books to gain knowledge in natural health, wellness, homesteading, and scripture. In my freetime you can also find me exercising, doing outdoor activities, cooking and eating food. I would love to connect with you as your doula. My passion is to nurture and empower women and their partners in their journey. Mahalo!