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Aloha, E Komo Mai

Congratulations on your pregnancy or the birth of your baby. We are looking forward to meeting you and supporting you during this amazing time in your life. Please browse around or contact us via our contact form, phone/text or email. Mahalo

Unfortunately there are still visitor restrictions* in place at some Oahu hospitals. However, Doulas can 

support you IN PERSON at all facilities.

 For more information or to schedule a free doula consultation:


*This means only 2 support people are allowed at the bed side at a time. Please call your hospital and advocate for them to allow more than that.

We are offering 



Our regular BEST Birth class is offered in small groups.

 Check our calendar for schedule or

call or text us now at


Serving families during their journey in pregnancy, birth and immediate postpartum



Providing expectant parents with the tools, knowledge and opportunity to make informed choices and have the BEST birth and postpartum experience.


Supporting a new mother's physical recovery after birth by adding stability to her core.

placenta capsule jar.jpg


Boosting energy after birth, aiding in a faster

recovery, and less baby blues. 

Naturally, without chemicals!


Supporting a mother and her baby as they overcome nursing challenges together. In the convenience of their own home

Mother Breastfeeding Baby
Mother's Kiss


Guiding parents to help baby sleep better so everyone can be more rested. Sleep shaping is simply teaching a baby how and when to sleep.


Empowering New Families with Exceptional Childcare

Mother and Baby

Hospital Birth Support


As a first-time mother, I firmly believe that having the support of a doula is extremely important. Our doula, Jenna, served as a friend, a sounding board, a support person during labor, a teacher, a caregiver and a wise source of information before and after we brought our son home from the hospital. Prior to the birth, Jenna came to our home for several visits, discussing and understanding our birth plan, so that when my son's birthday did come, she didn't have to ask—she already knew. She also spent time teaching my husband and me about parenting topics of interest to us, such as essential oils and baby wearing.

During birth, Jenna held my hand, applied pressure to my back, massaged my feet, brought me hot packs and even provided support when my husband became exhausted and needed a few minutes to collect himself. Over the course of 40 plus hours of labor Jenna was right there at my side, just as my husband was, coaching me through, providing a gentle and calm presence. She walked with me for hours and miles around the halls waiting for our baby to make an appearance. I ultimately delivered by caesarean because it was medically necessary. Jenna was there for me all the way and she helped my little one latch on for his first bit of Mama’s milk. It was beautiful.

After birth, Jenna again provided not only support, but presence. She visited our home and was available for breastfeeding and new baby support 24 hours a day. 

I can’t thank Jenna and the team of Best Birth Hawaii enough for their support in our life and the birth of our son. We took both the birthing classes and breastfeeding class at BBH and found it to be outstanding. I recommend Katja and her team to everyone.



Having Katja as our doula was a wonderful experience. She is very professional but has a calming nature that also feels like family. She brings peace when she walks into a room. I believe her knowledge, the techniques she suggested and her presence helped me to have the birthing experience I desired. She took a huge amount of pressure off of my husband and helped him know how to help me. I definitely recommend having a doula to my friends. Katja is outstanding and worth every penny


Ewa Beach

We are very happy with how our labor experience turned out and just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for your class. We learned so much and felt so much more prepared after 6 weeks of instruction with you. We would not have been able to recognize and cope with Silke's labor so well without remembering many of the things that you taught us. She used her birthing ball and several of the comfort positions, especially slow dancing, to cope with her labor. She was really focused on her breathing and relaxation techniques as well. Thank you for all the time and energy you poured into our class. It really does make a difference in the lives of your students. We are so appreciative of all that you do. Mahalo and God bless you!"



Thank you very much for sharing all your knowledge with us and making yourself available. My labor was like nothing I would have ever imagined and I wouldn't change one thing about it. Giving birth was the most rewarding experience and I am certain it would not have been the same if we had not learned so much from you. Your passion, attitude and teaching style gave me the confidence in labor to have the birth I wanted. Because I knew what was going on with my body I was able to make choices that were best for me and my baby



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