"Jenna is absolutely the best. We first hired her for sleep training services 2 years ago when our son was 3 months old. I had read all of the books and tried it all, but nothing was working. Once we hired Jenna, our son slept completely through the night FOUR NIGHTS LATER! I was in disbelief. Two years later, he is still the best sleeper and I attribute all of it to Jenna. All of my friends are jealous of his sleep patterns and it truly is due to Jenna’s sleep training. The friends that I have referred to Jenna for sleep training have also had the best experience and have children who sleep just as well as ours, so I know our son is not a fluke and her methods and guidance are proven.

We are now expecting baby #2 and even though we know the basics, I decided to hire Jenna for a second time because each child is different and her guidance is unmatched. She is patient, kind, gentle and truly a godsend. If you’re thinking of hiring her, do it. It is the best decision you’ll make.

I should mention that while I hired Jenna as a sleep trainer/ coach, she really went above and beyond and helped us guide through being new parents which gave us the confidence and reassurance we really needed. The whole process was organized and I couldn’t have been happier with our experience. Thanks Jenna!"                                                                 Shannon, Honolulu

Your baby needs sleep. You do too! We can help. Jenna has been coaching and advising friends & clients for the past nine years on how to achieve the gift of sweet, sweet infant sleep. It brings her so much joy because she knows it’s life-changing.

Sleep affects our physical, mental and emotional health. While sleep is a natural process, there are many dietary, environmental and habitual patterns that can disrupt baby’s sleep. Getting baby to sleep NOW will have lifelong health benefits for your entire family!!!


Our sleep coaching packages include an initial in-home (or video call) consultation. We will ask you and your partner about your goals and have a holistic look at the whole household identifying issues like stress, emotional obstacles, physical needs, etc. We do not have a "one size fits all" approach. We will craft a sleep plan to suit your lifestyle and baby's temperament. Jenna pulls wisdom and infant sleep guidelines from several sources since not any one author or doctor's approach works "to a T". With Jenna you get 9 years worth of knowledge gained via infant sleep books, courses, trainings, in-home sleep shaping experience, and professional network support.

You will also fill out our sleep questionnaire to assess baby’s sleep and eating patterns. From there, Jenna will create a tailored day and night routine/ sleep plan. 

Mother and Baby


0 - 16 weeks:
Let me help you take the stress and uncertainty out of those first 16 weeks with newborns. The newborn package includes:

  • Sleep questionnaire.

  • One hour video call consultation.

  • Weekly 15 minute check-in call. 

  • Newborn sleep plan for your family.

  • Daily expert guidance and feedback via sleep log.

  • Nursery assessment and station set-up for optimal sleep conditions.

  • Registry advice.

  • Newborn care advice (swaddling, burping, settling).

  • Breastfeeding support and education.

  • Gentle newborn sleep shaping and settling techniques.


Investment: $199*/ week​


4 - 18+ months:

It’s never too late to teach your baby how to sleep. My infant sleep package includes 2 weeks of support including:


  • Sleep questionnaire.

  • One hour video call consultation.

  • Two 15 minute check-in calls. 

  • Customized daily schedule and sleep plan for your family.

  • Daily expert guidance and feedback 2 weeks via sleep log.

  • Nursery assessment for optimal sleep conditions.

  • Recommendations for equipment and natural sleep aids.

  • Feeding advice (breastfeeding, bottle feeding, solids).

  • Settling and self-soothing techniques.

  • Transition plans (eg out of swaddling, crib to bed, co-sleeper to crib, night weaning, etc.).

Investment: $500*

*Fee subject to HI general excise tax: 4.712%