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Empowering New Families with Exceptional Childcare

Feeding the Toddler

The one question we are asked more than any other that is not related to birth or breastfeeding is about childcare. It can be very hard to find the right care for your little one with long waitlists, unreliable providers and/or a sense of overwhelm on how to put a nanny on your payroll. (Yes, a fulltime nanny would be considered your employee!) 


Meet your childcare advocate, Ashley: a dedicated mother and professional with over a decade of Human Resources experience. Her unique blend of genuine parental empathy and valuable professional insight is guaranteed to elevate your search for the perfect nanny. With an approach that is rooted in a deep commitment to your family’s well-being, we can ensure a nurturing, safe, and enriching environment for your little ones. 

Unique Nanny Matching Process

We go beyond the basics in our search for your perfect nanny. By truly understanding your family, we ensure a match that reflects your values and meets your specific childcare requirements. Our thorough selection process is just the beginning of a lasting partnership dedicated to your family's care and happiness.

Benefits and Features

  • Affordable Search: Eliminate the stress of extra costs with our no placement fee policy.

  • Hassle-Free Administration: We handle all HR and payroll services, simplifying the employment process.

  • Rigorous Safety Standards: Our extensive background checks ensure a secure environment for your family.

  • Personalized Matching: Every family is unique, and so is our nanny selection process, tailored to fit your specific needs and lifestyle


  • Continuous Support: Our commitment extends beyond placement, offering ongoing assistance to adapt to your family's evolving needs.

Working with a Nanny Agency

Simplifying Your Path to Perfect Childcare
We’re here to simplify your journey in finding the perfect nanny. Our process includes thorough vetting of experien
ced nannies, managing all the administrative details like payroll and tax compliance, and ensuring a seamless fit with your family’s unique needs. From arranging interviews to providing ongoing support, we're dedicated to offering you peace of mind and a harmonious childcare experience.

Understanding Our Pricing: Transparent, Comprehensive Childcare Solutions


Our all-inclusive rate of $39.95 per hour is designed to give you peace of mind and clarity in your family's childcare budgeting. This rate not only covers the experienced nanny's wage, typically ranging from $25 to $35 per hour, but also includes all the necessary legal and administrative costs – payroll taxes, workers' compensation, unemployment insurance, and compliance with employment laws.

By choosing our agency, you're not just hiring a nanny; you're investing in a complete, hassle-free childcare solution. We handle all the complexities of nanny employment, ensuring everything is professionally managed and compliant with state regulations. This approach allows you to focus fully on your family, free from the worries of hidden expenses and the intricacies of legal and payroll requirements.

Unlike traditional agencies that charge substantial upfront placement fees, our transparent hourly pricing model is structured to provide you with essential services and the utmost peace of mind, without any unexpected costs. Our commitment is to offer straightforward, comprehensive childcare services that align with your family's needs and values.

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