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Continuing to serve women and heir families through their postpartum period.

When you come home with a new baby or twins, and are recovering from having given birth or having had cesarean surgery things can be a little overwhelming. A postpartum doula can be there to assist you. Her role is to provide support and information to empower you to be the BEST parent you can be. Every mother and family can benefit tremendously from hiring a caring, knowledgeable and experienced professional during this time of transition. Especially parents of multiples and those mothers who want to breastfeed will benefit from this great service. Hiring a postpartum doula as a gift for a loved one who just gave birth will surely show you care about their wellbeing.

Each mother's and family's needs are different but generally our Postpartum Services include the following:

Caring for the new mother
Encouragement and guidance
Breastfeeding support
Newborn care
Caring for siblings
Supporting all family members with practical and emotional needs
Meal preparation
Running errands
Walking the dog
Light housework

If it is especially sleep you need help with, make sure to check out a sleep coaching services as well. Learning about infant sleep and implementing healthy routines and hygiene can prevent many problems down the road and means more sleep for the whole family.

Investment: $42.50/hr*, minimum 4 hours.

                       $800/20hrs* ($50 off),

                       additional $10/hr for nights (9pm-7am)

Payment Plans Available: Money should never be a reason to not get the support you need. Make sure to ask us about our affordable payment plans when you call us.

*all fees subject to HI GE tax (4.712%)

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