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BEST Birth Hawaii Classes

"When you don't know your options, you don't have any" Diane Korte

Labor and birth are amazing! Many emotions may come up when you think about it, good and bad. The day you get to meet your baby is one you will never forget and it is BEST Birth Hawaii's goal to inform you about the many choices you have in childbirth, so you may make true informed decisions. We also aim to educate you on the normal progress of labor and birth and it's variations, to teach you and your partner about coping techniques and positions to facilitate a more comfortable and faster labor. We believe that knowledge is power and that support and respect are key in having the BEST birth possible.

BEST Birth Class

Our most popular childbirth preparation class and developed with YOU in mind. The goal of the class is to give you confidence, reduce fear and empower you to be an advocate for yourself and your baby. This series is based on the Thoughtful Childbirth curriculum by Plumtree Baby® and teaches you about the labor and birth process. It provides information on how to have a healthy pregnancy so you may stay low risk and avoid common interventions. We will go over things you can do in pregnancy to help you and your baby get ready for labor and birth, physically, mentally and emotionally. There is a major focus on how to find comfort in labor with hands on practice of positions and natural coping techniques, as well as information on medicinal options available to you. These classes are designed to encourage informed decision-making and provide opportunities to learn about and discuss the advantages and drawbacks of many routine procedures. It emphasizes making your own decisions in various situations during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum experience. The final class in this series is a full breastfeeding class.  Partners are encouraged to join so they may learn the same things and be prepared to be a valuable support to the mother on the big day. See our class outline drop down option for more information.

Classes are held on Sunday afternoons OR Monday evenings and a new series starts every month. See our calendar for schedule. 

This class includes:

  • 4 birth preparation session, 3 hrs in duration

  • 1 postpartum preparation session, 3 hrs

  • 1 breastfeeding class, 3 hrs

  • 3 workbooks with great visuals and evidence based information

  • personal attention due to small group size (6-8 couples)

  • Lasting friendships and connections with other families

investment: $355*

Our class series use quality materials from:

BEST Birth Class Outline Week 1 anatomy, physiology of labor, 1st stage of labor, support in labor, breathing for comfort, stress and stress response, relaxation Week 2 2nd and 3rd stages of labor, hormones and what affects them, release of fears, tear prevention, importance of fetal positioning w/activities, comfort massage, movement, hospital information Week 3 Hospital interventions, how to get information and advocate, pain medications, other professional services, variations of labor and what to do, positions practice and coping techniques Week 4 Variations and complications, induction methods, cesarean and VBAC, newborn appearance and procedures, intro to the magical hour (first hour with baby) Week 5 What to expect immediately after baby is born, How to communicate your birth preferences, postpartum recovery at home, postpartum support options Week 6 Breastfeeding

BEST Birth Class
Early Pregnancy Class

When you just find out that you are pregnant, especially for the first time, there are hundreds of questions popping up in your head. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where, when and how to start preparing for the pregnancy journey ahead. This 2.5 hour private class is designed to be taken in the first trimester and teaches you not only about what to expect and things to do and avoid to have a healthy pregnancy. It also covers things such as different types of care providers and helps you figure out your personal birth philosophy. Our instructors can help guide you to find a care provider that matches best with your beliefs early on in your pregnancy so you can receive the best care possible for the journey ahead.

  • 2.5 hr. private class in the comfort of your home

  • workbook with great resources

Investment: $135*

(travel fee may apply depending on your location)

Breastfeeding 101
Breastfeeding 101

Breastfeeding is not easy. It's surprisingly challenging for most new moms and babies and according to the latest research more than 90% have significant difficulty in the first week. This class aims to help you prepare for breastfeeding by setting up realistic expectations. Newborn babies breastfeed differently from the older babies you may see out and about and this class will help you understand and support the differences. We also cover the most common challenges and how to avoid or solve them. Partners are strongly encouraged to come as their support is one of the most important factors to success.

Classes are offered once a month alternating our Honolulu and Kapolei locations. Class meets for 3 hours on Sunday afternoon. Please see our calendar for the current class schedule. 
This class includes:

  • 3 hour group class instruction

  • workbook with great visuals and helpful references

Investment: $65*​

Private Birth Class

Private Birth Class


If you are interested in learning about childbirth in a more private setting, private childbirth classes are available on request and taught in the comfort of your home.  We offer 2 options:

  • 4 sessions (10 hrs total) to prepare you and your partner for the upcoming birth. This class covers anatomy and physiology of birth. It teaches you about progression of labor and techniques to use for comfort and pain management. It also informs you about your options in labor and birth and I help you write your birth preference a.k.a. a birth plan. Each class will have a personal touch and will be catered to your specific needs. The same wonderful book we use for our BEST Birth Class is used here too.

     investment: $500*

  • A 2.5 hour class that covers the very basics you need to know before going into labor that leaves room for questions and answers. The class goes over basic anatomy and physiology of birth. It teaches you positions you can use for comfort and pain management in labor.

     Investment: $150/2.5 hrs*

(travel fee may apply depending on your location)

*The Small Print:

Military Special:

To show our appreciation to our military families, we offer $10 off any group childbirth class for military couples. Please call/text to take advantage of this special deal. 808-366-0230

Payment Plans Available:

We never want money to be a reason for you not to get educated or receive the support you need. Call us to talk about our affordable payment plans for all services.

All fees subject to HI General Excise Tax (4.712 %)

Payment is required to reserve your spot for any class.

Cancellation policy: In case of cancellation we require 4 days notice for a full refund. 2-3 days notice will result in a 50% refund and any cancellations within 48 hours cannot be given a refund at all.

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