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Wrapping the belly is an effective and important part of a mother’s recovery in the postpartum stage of her journey.

I wish I had known about postpartum belly binding with my first daughter. With her I used one of those wraps that had Velcro and would cinch the waist in, which wasn't very effective. When I got pregnant with my second I started looking for a placenta encapsulation service and came across belly binding. After countless YouTube videos watched and blogs read, I knew I had to try this. Jenna came to my home about 3 days postpartum. She gave me a relaxing massage using essential oils. She explained to be the benefits of binding (bring the organs back into place, help shrink the uterus and repairing diastasis recti) and then gave a demonstration by wrapping me. Afterwards she taught my husband how to wrap me and gave directions. For 6 weeks I diligently wrapped daily for about 8 hours. Let me tell you,  IT IS AMAZING, IT WORKS! I found my midsection getting tighter and closer to its former glory. I didn't have a large gap in my muscles to begin with, but what little gap I did have was completely healed. Jenna came back a few weeks into my experience and gave me yet another massage (and a new wrap!) and we talked story, talked about binding and how I was doing. All in all I am absolutely sure I will be implementing this routine on my next postpartum journey and will be going back to Best Birth Hawaii for all my natural mama services. Thank you Jenna and thank you Best Birth Hawaii.



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What is Postpartum Belly Binding?

Wrapping the belly is an effective and important part of a mother’s recovery in the postpartum stage of her journey. It aids the body to shrink and recover in shorter period of time, normally six to eight weeks. A postpartum belly wrap provides a mother’s postpartum body with complete support to assist abdominal wall muscle retraction, improve posture, stabilize loosened ligaments, and provide support to the torso while vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy size and position.

During pregnancy a woman’s body retains water, fat, and air, which cause her body to swell and expand, including the organs in the womb area such as the cervix and vagina. The water retained by cells supported the amniotic fluid and the purpose of the air was to cushion the baby, the mother’s internal organs, and bones as her center of gravity shifted and her baby grew bigger and bigger. This is why a pregnant woman gets more and more swollen during the last months of pregnancy. When a baby is born, the excess water, fat, and air are no longer needed and the cells will naturally release and shrink back to their pre-pregnant size. However, the purpose of a post-pregnancy wrap is to speed up this process with constant pressure on the abdomen and torso area.

Why choose Postpartum Belly Binding?
It helps to slim the ribcage, belly and hips and pulls the separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) back together.

It helps to support and realign the spine and hips and prevents back pain. While wearing the wrap, you are reminded to sit and walk straight, a good antidote to the "nursing-slouch".

Decreases postpartum bleeding time by speeding up the process of getting rid of waste in a natural way. It feels good!


When should you do this?

It is important to realize that postpartum belly binding is really meant to be done in the early postpartum period BEFORE you can start strengthening your core from the inside out. Ideally you start the first week postpartum after a vaginal birth and about 3-4 weeks after a cesarean birth. You will want to wear the wrap daily for 6-8 hours for about 4-6 weeks. 

 This service is offered in your home and includes?

  • A beautiful woven wrap

  • a mini massage to help with relaxation

  • 1 private wrap session

  • tutorial on how to re-wrap yourself
    Fee: $160*

Add on

You can add on a second session for $90 provided you still have your wrap.

A second session should be done within 1-3 weeks of the first and includes:

  • a mini massage to help with relaxation

  • 1 private wrap session

This is the perfect addition to any birth and a wonderful way to include a spouse or loved one in your recovery process. 

*All prices subject to General Excise Tax (4.712%)

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