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Childbirth Educator

Certified Labor and Birth Doula, Trained Childbirth Educator

Aloha, expecting parents! My name is Maggie. I grew up on the Big Island of Hawai’i and have been living on O’ahu since 2011. I have made multiple (failed) attempts at living on the mainland throughout the years, but my heart always brings me back to Hawai’i. This place truly is magic.
As passionate as I am about this place that I call home, I have an even greater passion for childbirth. What an unmatched, beautiful, mind-blowing, and world-changing experience! My fascination began as a child, watching “A Baby Story” on TLC with my mom. There was something about the birthing process that piqued my interest from a young age. My interest has grown leaps and bounds into a main focus of my adulthood. Hearing birth stories from my friends and relatives (and from strangers on YouTube) has put me on a path where I know that I want childbirth to be a big part of my life.
It is truly heartbreaking that many parents don’t find fulfillment in their births. There is a list that is too long of people who have had traumatic birthing experiences, and I feel powerfully drawn to do something to help fix that. Every birthing parent deserves the birth of their dreams, whichever way they feel most empowered.
By supporting and advocating for you, my ultimate goal as your doula would be to help guide you toward a positive birth experience. I would do that by listening to you, fully understanding your desires, and doing everything in my power to get you there. I would be with you every step of the way, ensuring that you and your partner never feel alone.

I am currently expecting a little one of my own and will not be taking any doula clients in 2023. I will continue teaching childbirth classes until my maternity leave in February. I am looking forward to seeing you in class!

If you are looking for someone that will ease your labor and delivery process, search no more, Maggie is your girl! If there ever was a calling for someone, being a doula suits Maggie on multiple levels. She is very knowledgeable not only from a pre-natal standpoint, but also the laboring process, support for postpartum, and breastfeeding phases. I had decided I wanted Maggie as my Doula early in the pregnancy and she shared great information with me starting from week 28 about how I could best prepare for labor as well as the best natural tips for assisting my baby to come on time. During the weeks leading up to the birth, she was a huge support and presence in helping me with positioning techniques and exercises for getting baby into the right position for heading down the vaginal canal. Thinking about it, I would not have wanted to do those previous weeks without her, she helped me really get in the perfect mindset for when labor did start. Then came the day of laboring, this was our first baby, so we did not know what to expect. I am so glad we had Maggie there through the most painful parts of labor. The counter pressure and many different positions she assisted with were so wonderful, she really kept me so focused! And if it were not for Maggie, I would not have remembered to stay hydrated! Which is so important during the long stretch of laboring waves that occurred throughout the day. Although my dream labor and delivery did not go as planned, instead culminating in an emergency c-section, I don’t know how I would have gotten through it without Maggie’s comforting presence and supportive demeanor. Although I had little control over what was happening each moment during my laboring process, she made sure to advocate for me the best she could with the medical staff. The best part was she was able to let my family know what was going on when that was the last thing on my mind during the process, she also stayed in contact with my placenta encapsulator to assure that the placenta would get to her in a timely fashion. This took so much stress off of me and my partner. If we decide in the future to have another child, I wouldn’t choose any other doula in the world to be there for this huge life event. It’s true what they say, having a child is one of the best things to experience in life! To have someone to support you through that incredible journey, to help you realize how powerful your mind and your body are during that phase, is truly priceless. Do yourself a favor and utilize Maggie’s expertise in the transitional phases of labor and delivery along with her calming and soothing nature for an easier labor and delivery! You owe it to yourself and your baby!”
Melanie T.

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