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Our Doula Approach

Congratulations on your pregnancy. This time of change comes with both joy and challenges and can be confusing or overwhelming. At BEST Birth Hawaii we offer labor and birth doula services on Oahu to help you prepare and make this time more enjoyable and less of a mystery. As Oahu's only doula agency we have more to offer in terms of experience and services. See here for benefits of hiring an agency doula.

After your initial phone consultation you will be able to interview one of our labor and birth doulas to see if you are a good fit. When the match is right your doula will be an important part of your journey into motherhood. You will have her at your fingertips via phone and text from the moment you hire her. Whenever a question comes up, you can ask her, especially if it's not something medical, but you are just curious, are wondering about something, or just want to talk about birth, breasts or babies, she is there for you. There will be one or two prenatal visits in your home (depending on package).

During the labor and birth your doula will serve as your labor buddy, offering emotional, physical and mental support and holding space for you (and your partner) to let the process unfold. She will be your guide in navigating the process, communicating with your birth team and gathering information so you can make informed decisions that are right for you. BEST Birth Doulas do not have an agenda for your birth and we support women who prepare for a home birth or a hospital birth, an un-medicated birth, planned epidural, or planned cesarean or any other kind of birth. Our only goal is to support you and your partner, and empower you to make decisions that are right for you and your situation. We strongly believe that the BEST births are the ones where the mom (you) and the dad or partner are heard and respected. We also understand that there are situations in which a laboring woman has no other support then from her doula and we are experienced in offering that added layer of support. 

We are respectful of every family's beliefs and cultural practices and we welcome each and every family into our Ohana. We do believe that pregnancy and especially birth are a unique time in a woman's spiritual journey. So in addition to physical, emotional and informational support we offer prayer as well to those families who hold similar views.

Once you go into labor you will be in close contact with your doula until it is time for her to join you, at home or at the hospital. She will stay with you until you and baby are settled and ready for quiet time together as a new family. After the birth there is 24/7 phone/text support for the first 10 days and there will be one postpartum visit in your home. For additional in-home support or for guidance to help your baby (and you) sleep better, please see our postpartum doula services. For more detailed information on what a doula does please click here and to learn about our postpartum doula services, click here.

Kind Words

“Connecting up with Best Birth was exactly what I needed to make my birthing hopes a reality. I live on Big Island and when I was pregnant with my second child, I was hoping to do a VBAC. To do this I would have to travel to Oahu since there are no doctors who preform them on Big Island. This meant that there were a lot of factors in play and I felt like a Doula would be helpful to have (I had used one for my first child as well).

On a whim I did a Google search and found BEST Birth Hawaii. I send Katja an email explaining my situation and she was willing to work with me on all of the unknowns that existed. I explained to her that was looking for a Doula who knew the ins and outs of the hospitals in Oahu and who could also be strong support for when I was in labor. Katja hooked me up with Sarah who was a wealth of knowledge. Going into the VBAC I knew that all cards were on the table, anything could happen, and I needed to be ready for it. Sarah gave me great information on not only the hospitals in Oahu, but also many of the scenarios that could occur around labor. I felt like she knew what I was comfortable with and would help me decipher the rest. When I went into labor, Sarah was my go to. Ultimately I felt like I was able to do what I needed to do because she had the rest handled. And to me that was what mattered the most. I was so happy with how it all went and I know that Sarah played a huge part in that. I am so grateful for her presence during my pregnancy and birth. And Katja also worked with me to get my placenta encapsulated before I had to get on the plane and head home.

As a side note: Because I was only on Oahu for a short time I was only able to attend 1 Doula Tea, but I couldn’t have asked for a better one! It was so worth it. So I highly recommend utilizing them as you
never know what you might learn.

-Cortney, Big Island


Big Island

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