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Five Benefits of Hiring an Agency Doula

Why go with a full services agency? Oahu has only one doula agency and several individual doulas offering services on their own. What is the benefit of hiring an agency doula? Below you will find several reasons why hiring an agency doula will benefit YOU.

1: More reliable service

Because we have team of doulas there is always a back-up doula available just in case something happens that makes your doula unable to attend your birth or see you for your postpartum support. Think about things such as communicable diseases or medical emergencies within our own families. Fortunately these things are rare, but just in case, its not something you have to worry about.

2: Connection

BEST Birth Hawaii clients will have their own primary doula that they build a relationship with. Your doula's focus is on you, not on paperwork, marketing, or other business related issues. The agency takes care of those things. Your doula is available for phone/text support throughout your pregnancy, comes to your home twice before labor begins, joins you during labor through birth and visits once more at home in the first week or so of your postpartum period. Well, how about that back-up? How do I get to know her? BEST Birth Hawaii hosts monthly Doula Teas. This casual gathering is exclusive to our doula clients and is meant to facilitate deeper connection and learning. Rather than only seeing your doula in your last month or so, you get to see her every month, meet and connect with the rest of the team, learn about various topics and have access to guest speakers.

3: Collaboration

Birth comes in many forms as do women and families. We serve all women and families and support all types of births. Our main purpose is to empower you and much of that comes from knowledge and confidence. If you pose a question or a situation arises that your doula doesn't know the answer to, she has the whole team at her fingertips to ask for guidance.​

4: Professionalism

As an agency we hold to high standards as we should. Our doulas represent not only themselves, but all the other members of the team as well. We stand for respectful, evidence based care and support and we have the opportunity to make a difference in our community as a unit. By supporting you in a professional way we are setting up a win-win situation where you get the BEST service and we get the recognition and respect from the medical establishment, opening the door for positive change for all birthing families .

5: Continuity of Services

Because we are a full service doula agency, you can book all your birth services with us. We offer childbirth and breastfeeding classes, placenta encapsulation and postpartum belly binding. If we don't offer a service you are interested in, we can refer you to another trusted professional.

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