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Let your voice be heard!

Options in childbirth, you may have heard about those. Or not, in that case I want to encourage you to read some books and articles and take a childbirth class. But even when you know about your options, there are some hospital policies and options that may just be tricky to go against. So, lets change the rules!

The good news is that many of our hospitals on Oahu are already changing! We have great relationships with them and they want to know what YOU think. BEST Birth Hawaii wants to be your advocate, so please help us advocate for the right things. I have created a simple survey, (10 questions, 2 minutes of your time) that will help us figure out what is important to you.

Please fill out the questionnaire if you LIVE in HAWAII and are EXPECTING to HAVE a BABY on OAHU in the NEXT 5 YEARS!

Please click the link below to take you to the Survey


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